Monday, December 10, 2012

Things to Do with Kids - Downtown Disney

I am always looking for things to do with my stepson that don't cost money.  One place that we love to go is Downtown Disney.  You get three hours of free parking (plus two additional free hours if you get your ticket validated.)  There is so much to see and do there!  Although it can be tempting to spend money, we usually do not spend much at all.  

Downtown Disney is packed with restaurants and shops.  They have a movie theater, ESPN Zone, Build-A-Bear, Ridemakerz, and a giant Disney store (among the many other stores and restaurants!)  They always have live entertainment going on as well.  Right in between the movie theater and Rainforest Cafe is a stage where they always have some form of fun and family-friendly entertainment going on.  We went in the summer, back in June where they had a DJ performing kid-friendly songs.  They had lights going any many of the kids were up dancing.  It was too fun!  

Christmastime at Downtown Disney is my absolute favorite.  The lights are beautiful!  They have so many decorations.  Disney really knows how to do Christmas.  This year, they have an ice skating rink as well.  Carolers also walk around, singing Christmas carols.  It is awesome!

With so much live entertainment, people watching, and window shopping to be done, you really can make this an inexpensive night out if you wanted to.  We usually eat before we go (since the restaurants there are seriously overpriced!)  We usually treat ourselves to an ice cream in the summer, or a coffee in the winter.  But other then that, it really is just a fun outing for us as a family.

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