Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ethane!

Yesterday, was Ethane's 8th birthday!  He had quite the day.  I made him "funfetti" pancakes for breakfast... Basically pancakes with sprinkles in them... Such an easy and fun idea for a birthday morning breakfast! 

We then went to Toys R Us where he picked out his birthday gift... He chose a 'Spy Watch.' He has not taken it off since he got it! He loves it!

We then headed to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday party.  We were joined by two of his aunts and uncles, five of his cousins, and his two best buddies!

After, we went to the park to burn off any extra energy the kids had... Then it was sleepover time at our house!  Lots of playing, laughing.. and ended the night by watching Avatar...(of course they chose the longest movie we owned!)

All in all, he had a GREAT birthday! It is so awesome hearing him tell Joey and I he had "the best birthday ever!"  Little does he know, that is what we aim for... Making him the happiest, healthiest, and smartest kid in the world!

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!  That kid is more loved then anyone I know! Xoxo.

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